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The farmhouse, nestled on the fertile morainic hills of Garda, dedicated to the cultivation of vines and olive trees. Today the famous restaurant "Tre Camini" was built in its central part at the beginning of the fifteenth century. Developed and expanded in the following centuries, it is located in a pleasant position on the border between the ancient communities of Albarè and Costermano, on the Veronese side of Lake Garda.

Tradition and modernity

The current restaurant, housed in the Casale, was born in 1985 from the foresight of Gianni Priante who, thanks to the collaboration of his friend Jerry Calà, gave life to the "Tre Camini" with the aim of offering an authentic rediscovery of the kitchen traditional and typical; choice currently supported by the leading exponents of Italian catering. In the last few years, Michele Priante has been working in the restaurant, also as a sommelier.

Gianni Priante


Gerry Calà