The cuisine

The tradition of homemade pasta, smoked cooking with the best quality of meat and the fish of the lake sum up the expression of our cuisine to rediscover simple tastes and specialties of the territory. 

The menu varies according to the seasons, offering from time to time typical products of the area, including asparagus, radish, mushrooms, chestnuts and the unmistakable black truffle.The Verona cuisine is characterized by the richness and variety of the products of its land and for the production of oenological products.

Since the time of ancient Rome, the noble families of Verona had come to great prestige for lunches offered during luxurious receptions. Speaking of the Scaligeri princes, it is said that many guests of their court were blessed with rich libations and exquisite dishes.

But Verona people loves good food! They love it with so big passion that, over the centuries, they have been able to elevate themselves to authentic art, deliciously figuring out exquisite dishes and delicious dishes even with the simplest products.

High quality of raw materials and care to food intolerances

We pay close attention to the quality of the basic products and to the utmost attention to food requirements!

There are many gluten-free starters in the menu, in addition to homemade pasta, bread, ravioli and dumplings; all the main courses are gluten free, while for the sweet we propose chocolate meringue.

For special needs regarding intolerances and / or allergies to certain foods, don’t hesitate to contact us.

The Winery

Special attention to the territory and prosecute research: these are the principles that inspired us to select the labels of our extensive wine list.

For this reason, in addition to prestigious wines appreciated by lovers of enology, we have included unexplored choices produced by small vineyards which, while being less known on the market, deserve the utmost attention to the quality of their products.

Good wine lovers can count on a wide selection of labels. In addition, you can count on our professionalism, for the best combination of wines and our specialties.

The selection of wines is followed scrupulously by the sommelier Michele Priante, the constant search for the best wine cellars to offer to own customers, alternating with blossoming realities even small known producers who dedicate with passion to art to transform the fruits of the vineyard into wine quality.

The interior of our cellar

Wines of Valpolicella

Tuscan and Piedmontese wines

White wines of the territory



Wines of South and Central Italy

Weddings, banquets and events

For over 25 years, the Tre Camini restaurant organizes with passion and dedication events and weddings. Our conviction is that, as with the wedding dress, the event must also be tailor-made; we therefore invite future couple to book a free tasting at our facility and we will be happy to dedicate each couple all the time necessary to clarify any doubts and formulate the ideal marriage.