The ancient Country House “ Tre Camini”

Garda Vineyards Restaurant

“The farmhouse, now home to the renowned restaurant” Tre Camini “, was built in its central part, in the early 1400s. Developed and enlarged in the following centuries, it is situated in a pleasant position on the border between the ancient communities of Albarè and Costermano, on the Veronese side of Lake Garda.

Di Costermano l’agro, da ameni dintorni ornato, è come gemma allora che più nell’oro splende”.

“Of Costermano the land, by pleasant surroundings adorned, it is like a gem that then in the gold shines”.

In the sixteenth century, the jurist, Tommaso Becelli, composed the poem “De Laudibus Castri Romani et Benaci” in which he sang, with enthusiastic and in love voice, the beauties of Costermano and the seven hills on which the country almost new Rome rises .

Costermano is lying on the fertile morainic hills of Garda, dedicated to the cultivation of vines and olive trees.

The present restaurant, built inside the country house, was born in 1985 by Gianni Priante’s foresight who, thanks to the collaboration of his friend Jerry Calà, gave birth to the “Tre Camini” restaurant with the aim of offering a true rediscovery of the traditional and local cuisine; choice also supported by the main Italian representative restaurants. Michele Priante has recently started to work at the restaurant as sommelier.

The restaurant rooms

Porch Room

Our larger room enjoys great lighting and has a very private loft and a terrace overlooking our inner courtyard. During the winter period we have set up a wooden veranda that allows to appreciate the room even in the colder months.

Scuderia Hall

Built in the ancient stables of the farmhouse, this room with its voulted ceiling and exposed stones view, offers the right atmosphere for a candlelight dinner. It is possible to request smoking space, equipped for every need.

Fireplace Room

In the historic kitchen of the farmhouse there is the most characteristic room of the “Tre Camini” restaurant with the ancient marble sink, the original floor on stone of the river and the perfectly functioning fireplace for the cold winter evenings.


During the summer time you can sit in the garden to appreciate our specialties without sacrificing the pleasure of the open air.